WANTED Roubiliac's missing terracotta of Hogarth's pug, Trump

Friday 22 July 2011

Lars' current TV and Radio projects....

We're in the middle of making the Antiques Roadshow  our 34th season -and my own 25th year on the Show.
Over the years there have been several Antiques spin-offs.  One was my own China on a Plate for BBC Radio 4 (2007).   Following on, earlier in 2011, BBC 4 (TV) commissioned me to make a one-hour documentary on the historic China Trade, revisiting China to film much of the material covered in the earlier radio programme, but with a few extra twists.  My director is Ian Denyer, cameraman Colin Fox and our production company is Blast! Films of London. Expected transmission, sometime in September/October.

When dates are fixed I'll post details here.  Meanwhile...
...some images from our trip 

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A Rare Dish

A Rare Dish
LT discovers Ming dish, BBC, 2008

Two Trumps

Two Trumps
Messrs Bird & Fortune -awarded The Hogarth' Group's " Golden Trump" at Tate Britain, 2006