WANTED Roubiliac's missing terracotta of Hogarth's pug, Trump

Wednesday 28 March 2012

NADFAS * at Central Hall, Westminster, 27th March 2012

- Everything it was promised to be , including the Two Minute Terror.  Thank you one and all  -and to those coming afterwards to enquire about my Talks (see www.tharp.co.uk - go to What I do, then click Talks...)

I've been giving talks for over 20 years (many to NADFAS tho only now on The Book).  Only this year did I go through the famous 15-minute test, after passing which one is allotted the famous Two Minutes at the Annual Gathering.  But as I already know so many in this great club...To Script or Not To Script?   - with too much to say I invited all 900 representatives to visit my web-site (yes, www.tharp.co.uk) (newly re-launched on that very same day) -and through which you may have come to this Blog (or if not, from which you may visit and sign up...).


Instead of listing all my various talk titles I decided to refresh my campaign to find The Missing Trump:  the original terracotta model of Hogarth's dog, sculpted by Louis Francois Roubiliac,  around 1745.  We know of the Chelsea porcelain copies (coloured and white  -one in the V&A), there are also examples in black by Wedgwood, and (above) there's a smaller marble version (Hogarth Trust, in the care of the Foundling Museum) BUT WHERE is the original terracotta model, last recorded in 1832 (at an auction sale in Wiltshire).  It may be broken, or glued, or festering at the back of a cupboard, or in the attic.  I cannot believe it's been thrown away.  If this rings any bells...Please make contact!  And even if you think it's not the original, but another version...please get in touch. 

When the finder emerges I'll wager they belong to NADFAS. 
Thanks to all for a great day   -and to all fellow NADFAS lecturers!

(And afterwards, because it was my birthday I went with my wife and daughters to see the RSC musical Matilda (Roald Dahl)   -Get to it if you can!  It's Absolutely Fantastic)

[NADFAS  National Association of Decorative and Fine Art Societies]

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  1. Really enjoyed your programme on BBC4 this evening. I'm a Hogarth/Trump fan too, so I do hope your wish comes true and the Roubiliac turns up!


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