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Wednesday 9 November 2011

At home with Hogarth

Hogarth's House re-opens...

After a three-year restoration, William Hogarth's charming country retreat in Chiswick is once more open to the public (Tuesday-Sunday, noon-5pm).  The project was steered by Val Bott of The William Hogarth Trust ( http://williamhogarthtrust.org.uk/?page_id=16 ).  Chiswick resident, satirist and confessed Hogarth "nut", Dara O'Brian (above, right) officially opened the house on Monday 7th November, three days before Hogarth's 314th birthday.  Guests were treated to miniature mulberry pies made from the fruits of the very tree which has borne fruit in the garden since before the Hogarths moved in in 1749.

We also grabbed prime time with Nick Higham (right) featuring the house on the BBC flagship programme Today

For opening hours and details visit

for my 5-minute BBC tour of Hogarth's prints:

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