WANTED Roubiliac's missing terracotta of Hogarth's pug, Trump

Sunday 12 June 2011

Art Fund 2011

Art Fund Prize 2011
- announcement at Tate Britain

on Wednesday 15th June 

-and on Front Row, BBC Radio 4  the same evening.
The Four Finalists are:-
Roman Baths, Bath
British Museum (History of the World in 100 Objects)
Robert Burns' Birthplace, Alloway
Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge

For Charlotte Higgins' piece on being a judge, see Guardian (12/6/2011): -

Scott Polar, Cambridge

Roman Baths, Bath

Burns' Cottage

British Museum / 100 Objects

A Rare Dish

A Rare Dish
LT discovers Ming dish, BBC, 2008

Two Trumps

Two Trumps
Messrs Bird & Fortune -awarded The Hogarth' Group's " Golden Trump" at Tate Britain, 2006